How to live a Simple freedom lifestyle

How to live a Simple freedom lifestyle

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So here I am writing my first post for my site, Simple Freedom Lifestyle. Without any idea as to where it is going to lead me. However seen as my intention is to explore exactly how we define the term, living a simple freedom lifestyle”  Let us dive in and discover how you can get to live, the lifestyle that most people strive for in today’s fast moving hectic world.

However seen as I can’t possibly know what every individual’s take on a simple freedom lifestyle might be, let me explore my vision on the subject.

Let us itemize a few essentials for a simple freedom lifestyle, from my perspective.

  • Good cash flow
  • No debt
  • To be able to afford and own, all the good things that you might desire
  • No commuting at peek times
  • To work when, how and where you wish
  • To use your time as you wish
  • No boss to be accountable to, other than yourself

For me, those are the seven most important factors to lead the life that I want. But then that is what I’m striving for. You might want something totally different.

You might think and say, “that’s all very well and good. but how dose one get to be in this ideal situation”? Lets face it, most people are so bogged down by debt: mortgages, car payments, personal loans, credit cards, etc., that they are actually owned by the corporate financial institutions.

The next question might be, how do we get out from under this debilitating debt burden, that keeps a person in a soul destroying nine to five grind 5 or 6 days a week. Only to discover years down the line, after having saved a few hard earned pennies, that you are no better off than when you started your career, because inflation has destroyed your vision of a comfortable retirement.

So what to do now, to prevent the scenario above, It’s never to late to make a change in one’s stagnated way of life.  The very first thing you have to do, is, to take a pen and paper and write down a long term goal.  Take your time about this though, because it is important that it should be something that can be achieved with some determination and action from you. Something you always thought was beyond your reach and put a price tag on it, so you have an objective target to work towards. The way to reach your long term goal is to also write down a bunch of short term goals, which you might have to change on occasion, due to circumstances. The main objective though is, that you are working toward your main long term goal in smaller more easily attainable chunks, remember to set a reasonable timeline for each goal. Now that you have everything written down put it up somewhere that you can see it daily to remind and encourage you to strive and work toward  your end vision.

You must understand though that a goal is not the same as a vision. A  vision is the big picture of what you want for your life or whatever it is you want to achieve. Your set of short and long term goals is the thought out and planned road map toward your set of targets. Everytime you successfully hit a target or goal, you are that much closer to your vision.

I hope you found this post  helpful toward your journey to a simple freedom lifestyle. I’ll be delving deeper into my seven points mentioned at the start of this article in my upcoming posts.
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