About Us

About Us

Welcome to Simple Freedom Lifestyle! Thank you for visiting.

 This site was really built with you in mind and we will en-devour to entertain and be informative on subjects in categories that is of interest to you, our visitor.

Through out this site, there will be links to offers to purchase products or services pertinent to the subject of a particular page or post. These links, ads or banners are there for your convenience, should an offer be of interest to you. There is of course, no pressure, for you to purchase anything from this site.

You should also be aware, that some or all links to offers, products or services, will be affiliate links and that the owner of this site will receive compensation for sales made from said adds, products or services.

The compensation received from sales on this site, will be used to maintain and grow the site, so that Simple Freedom Lifestyle, will be a site to keep you entertained and inspired to live your freedom lifestyle.

As this site is still in development and was created for your convenience and inspiration,  your comments, questions or suggestions are most welcome.

Thank you and enjoy!