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My name is Alfred Gutteridge

I am an aspiring affiliate marketer who, after serving a mandatory 9 month conscription in the military, started my career as a boilermaker at the age of nineteen. Shortly after serving my time as an apprentice I left the industry to become a commercial diver. I had a brief interlude during the early days of my diving career as a pipe fitter at the nuclear power plant in Cape Town while it was being build.
My near twenty years as a diver was a wonderful period in my life. I traveled to many interesting places around the world and met quite a few good friends. In October 1991 I lost my right arm in a diving accident in the north sea. I however was back offshore the following year in March as a trainee dive supervisor, this, took a lot of convincing from me though, to achieve. For some reason most people seem to think that if a person is disabled that they can’t participate in physical activities, if only they knew how wrong they are. I certainly don’t go through life feeling sorry for myself or relying on others to do things for me.

A few months after being back at work, my wife was diagnosed with cancer, so I left the industry and returned home permanently. She, after a few years fighting the illness, passed away in 1997.

After my return home I undertook a wreck hunting expedition in the Seychelles Islands. We found the wreck on the second expedition, but unfortunately, no treasure on board, only artifacts for the local museum.

Over the last seventeen years, after the wreck expedition, I started three businesses and one with my daughters. That last attempt at corporate business darn near bankrupted me, through the dealings of a very large multi national.The buggers can get away with it because small businesses can’t afford the long legal battles.However I managed to survive and have been involved in a few projects that have kept me rather busy, such as shark cage diving a few years back and property renovations on a small scale. At present I’m busy helping a good friend setting up a procuring & export business in Mozambique, whilst at the same time building my affiliate marketing business, which I’m doing because I think it is a great business model. This will allow me to work on my own and not have to deal with employees anymore.

I live in a fairly large house with my three children and their partners and one granddaughter. Luckily the property is large enough to accommodate our small zoo of cats and dogs. Rabbits to arrive shortly for my granddaughter’s private pets parlor.

Update February 2018

Things have changed Quite drastically in the last 3/4 years since I wrote the above.

My affiliate marketing came to a halt as I became to busy with more trips to Mozambique ( wreck diving ) and salvaging scrap metal from wrecks in and around the Cape Town area. During this period I met a lady

On vacation in Mozambique

whom I am now living with in the old house I grew up in. Sold my previous house to my eldest daughter. Bought another smaller property which I’m letting out and started a mobile dog grooming business with my Lady partner. About a year ago I manufactured a remote controlled security gate for a friend as a favour. It looks like this is now turning into a small part time business working out of my garage.

At present I’m in the process of building this website and blog which I intend to start my affiliate marketing with again, but mostly, hopefully giving you, my site visitors and subscribers, some interesting and useful content.

Well that’s my story in a nutshell, if I write any more it will have to be a book. I hate writing anyway, too time consuming. One last thing, my friends and family call me by my nickname: “Boetie” Which means little brother. Feel free to call me by that name if you wish. Pronounced Booty.

Cheers for now and have a great day.